Where would we be in life without experiencing the gift of music?  Whether in our daily living, or in our times of worship, music is such an integral part of our life.

We listen to our favorite radio stations in the car . . . we hear music played in the mall as we shop . . . we cherish hearing our children sing themselves to sleep at night . . . we know the tunes to our favorite commercials . . . we play in a band, sing with a group and reminisce when we hear the music of our youth. 

In church, we love to hear the grand hymns of our faith that tell of the power and grace of God.  We love to sing the worship songs that detail an intimate relationship with a loving Lord.  We love singing or hearing the songs of a contemporary feel that not only touches our feelings, they push us to ask deeper questions and make newer commitments. 

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What a joy it is to have the gift of music--especially in the life of our church. Through congregational singing to choral presentations, from children to senior adults, from meditative to exuberant, our prayer and hope is that you will find in  Pleasant Grove Baptist, a place where we sing joyfully to God and where music is presented as an offering of praise to God. There will be many times of joyful praise and equally times of somber reflection through music.

Come join us as we gather for worship--and experience the joy and contentment that can be expressed and experienced through participating in celebrating through music.


Sanctuary Choir
Children's Choir
   Music Time for 4 and 5 year olds 
   Music Makers, for Grade 1-3
   Young Musicians, for Grade 4-5
Hand Bell Choirs
Pleasant Grove Singers -

An SATB Ensemble featuring 
Gospel Songs and Hymns
Corinthian Gate -
  Instrumental Ensemble
Solomon's Porch - 
    Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
Ladies Rejoice Ensemble -
    Southern Gospel Music Group
Special Music Programs & Events
   Children's Musical
   Southern Gospel Music Programs 
   Contemporary Christian Music Programs
   Handbell Concerts 
   College Choir Programs 
   5th Sunday Night Sings 
   Christmas and Easter Musicals 
   Senior Adult Choir 
   Men's Choir 
   Women's Choir
   Bluegrass Music Programs 

Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with
the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through music.

— Martin Luther

There is a place for you . . .