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Where would we be in life without experiencing the gift of music?  Whether in our daily living, or in our times of worship, music is such an integral part of our life.

We listen to our favorite radio stations in the car . . . we hear music played in the mall as we shop . . . we cherish hearing our children sing themselves to sleep at night . . . we know the tunes to our favorite commercials . . . we play in a band, sing with a group and reminisce when we hear the music of our youth. 

In church, we love to hear the grand hymns of our faith that tell of the power and grace of God.  We love to sing the worship songs that detail an intimate relationship with a loving Lord.  We love singing or hearing the songs of a contemporary feel that not only touches our feelings, they push us to ask deeper questions and make newer commitments. 

Upcoming Anthems:

The Tuesday Morning Bible Study resumed Tuesday, February 12. We meet at 10 AM In the fellowship hall. Open to our Church and community, this is a time of study, discussions, fellowship and food! Come join us!

Pleasant Grove Singers program of music and worship will be rescheduled from May to another date.

Questions, please contact Rick


Youth & college/young adult

Each Wednesday 6:15-7:45 pm
Small Groups & Bible Study
Each Wednesday 7:15-7:45 pm
Acteens (optional for 6&7 grade girls)
Upcoming 2019 Youth Events:
June 5 Summer Schedule Begins
June 9 Youth Council @ 3pm
June 23 Promotion Sunday
June 26 6th Grade Welcome Party

Upcoming 2019 College/YA Events
May 27 Bible Study
June 5 Summer Schedule Begins
June 16 Father's Day
June 23 Promotion Sunday

Questions, please contact


Summer Mission Trip!!!!

June 23-29


Sunday School

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church offers Sunday School Classes, in a small group setting, for all ages. We invite you to celebrate the love of Jesus Christ with our Christian family. Every age group can find a place to grow in their worship starting at a very early age and proceeding through their advancing years.

There is a place for you in ministry and spiritual growth at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. Our Sunday School Council, lead by our very committed Sunday School Director, meets monthly to organize, coordinate and plan the Lord’s work.  

Sunday School FOR ALL ages at 9:30 am

***New Sunday School Class***
The Ask, Seek and Knock Class, facilitated by Jack and Shirley Brinson, is located in Room 215, the Family Life Center.
Discussion topics: May 26: What does it mean to “turn the other cheek”? June 2: Is it right to use the Bible to justify the institution of slavery? June 9: Today is Pentecost. What does that signify?




God is truly blessing the Outreach Ministry of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. There are so many ways in which this church reaches out to the lonely, the needy, the helpless, the hopeless, the Lost and the Saved. Our staff is most involved in the outreach ministry of the church as well as our Deacons, Sunday School Teachers, Committee Leaders, Mother's Morning Out staff, our "ROC" - Recreational Outreach Commitment ministry Volunteer Host as well as our newly developed OUTREACH TEAM. It is our desire to be "a city on a hill" for the Glory of God. The church exists for one particular group.....the uncharted. Of course, there has to be ministry to the churched, to train, equip and inspire others to do the work, but our purpose is "To Know Christ and to make Him known".

Senior Adults

The senior adults of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church are seniors in age only. Our desire for life, enthusiasm, free spirit, humor and service is envied by many who are much younger.

We have a wonderful group of Senior Adults at our church who gather each Sunday for Bible Study. We have Coed Classes as well as Ladies' Classes and Men's Classes. The Senior Adult Years are very special and we have wonderful teachers who prepare and give so much in Bible Teaching each Sunday during the Sunday School Hour. Our Seniors are very active and we have the "Happy Age Club" who meet on a monthly basis. We also have a dedicated "Senior Adult Council" who keeps activities and opportunities fresh for our Seniors each month.


There is a place for you . . .